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Celebrity Metalheads

RIHANNA's Favorite Band is SLIPKNOT?

Apparently, they are her favorite band.


Rihanna's affinity for heavy metal, or at least the heavy metal aesthetic has always been pretty clear. In 2017, she hired renowned death metal artists to create a death metal logo for her to be displayed during the Video Music Awards in 2017.

She's also been spotted in Judas Priest shirts (Rob Halford approved), Krokus shirts and gaudy metal jackets and sweatpants. She even agreed, directly or indirectly to allow Korn to make her song "Bitch Better Have My Money" more metal. But is Rihanna actually a metalhead? We have more evidence to make us think so.

Earlier this week, Rihanna launched a physical store for her Fenty clothing line in Paris, and my friend who works in the fashion industry, pointed me to an Instagram post by Tim Blanks, editor of Business of Fashion, who shared quite an interesting anecdote about RiRi:

"The first time I met Rihanna, she told me her favourite band was Slipknot. SHE’s launching her fabulous new collection in Paris, but where are THEY now?"

Is Blanks asking where Slipknot is now?! Uhh, they're about to put out a new album, Tim! Maybe you need to get out of your bubble like Rihanna does.

But does Rihanna still jam Slipknot? We asked her on Twitter, we'll update this story if she responds.

Here are some more Celebrity Metalheads:

[Thanks for the tip, Jennifer A.]

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