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Kayne West Spotted Wearing Disgustingly Gaudy "Heavy Metal" Sweatpants

Is there a new trend in hip-hop leaning towards wearing obscenely gaudy heavy metal-like fashion? This seems to be the case.

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An anonymous tipster has sent us the above photo of Kanye West leaving a Versace store opening sporting the ugliest pair of sweatpants I have ever seen in my life.

A few months ago, Chris Brown was spotted wearing a leather jacket with patches of actual metal/crossover bands but this is way worse, these aren't even metal logos. This is metal clipart.

After doing a bit of searching, I found that this design is actually part of a collection from a British designer named Kokan Dozai. If you're going to exploit a sub-culture can you actually be tactful about it. The sweatpants cost about £239, or $325 American. Check out some of this gross designs:


Nice skirt, brah! On closer inspection, none of these patches are actual band patches, but the designer co-opted famous logos for his own desire. Eww.

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The one link between Kanye's poor fashion choice and Chris Brown's, is much like Rihanna was spotted wearing Brown's tacky jacket, she was also spotted wearing these awful sweats:

RIHANNA metal sweatpants

Hip hop stars, WUT R U DOING?!
Hip hop stars, STAHP!!!!!

[via MTV Style]

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