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Joe Manganiello Reveals How A METALLICA Song Made It Into His Wedding Ceremony To Sofia Vergara

You cannot escape The Black Album. None of us can.

You cannot escape The Black Album. None of us can.

Actor Joe Manganiello of True Blood and Magic Mike married Modern Family actress Sofia Vergara a few years back, and reveals he snuck in some Metallica into the ceremony.

Manganiello says he asked the string quartet to learn "Nothing Else Matters" in a chamber music sort of style and his mom loved it… and also his friends totally knew.

"We got these violin and cello players [for the ceremony]. I called them and said, 'Can you convert 'Nothing Else Matters' into violin and cello?"

Yes, the musicians could. The plan was a-go. "I'm walking down the aisle to go up to the altar to get married, and my friends are turning around giving me the devil horns. My mother turned to me and goes — 'Oh, this song is beautiful! What is it?' And I go, 'It's Metallica.'"

Now let's see someone sneak in some old school Morbid Angel via string choir or something. Challenge yourselves, dammit.

[via Revolver]

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