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Chris Hemsworth, aka THOR, Is A Metalhead

It's no secret that Thor is one of the most metal comic book superheroes, given the fact that he wields a very Viking-like hammer called Mjölnir. Well, it turns out that the guy who plays Thor, Chris Hemsworth, is pretty metal himself. Check it out:

The dudes over at Esquire recently wrote a feature on Hemsworth, where they noted that the actor was blasting Pantera on his stereo while boxing his best friend in his garage.

It’s Saturday, so Hemsworth boxes. In his garage. With his best friend from high school. Music — Pantera — throbbing through speakers. The guy is suited up in a bright yellow foam suit and helmet, calling out the shots — jab, jab, hook, uppercut. Hemsworth hits hard enough to hurt the trainer, even with the protective gear. Every now and then he throws in a side kick for good measure. He could do this all day. It’s Saturday, so he might lift afterwards. Then spar with his wife. Maybe surf a little at dusk. He can do whatever he wants.

From my short-lived stint as a wanna-be MMA fighter, I can attest to the fact that Pantera does make awesome work out music. I wonder what Hemsworth's favorite Pantera album is?

Not only is he an obvious Pantera fan, but the dudes at Thrash Hits also found an interview Chris Hemsworth did with Entertainment Weekly, where he talked about Metallica's Black Album being the first album he owned:

“My cousin, who was educating me on heavy metal, bought it for me. I remember at the age of 11 pulling something in my neck from headbanging — being kind of semi-paralyzed from trying to mosh and outdo each other.”

Now if that isn't goddamn electric or what?

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