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Upcoming Releases

When Slipknot hit the studio in 2008 to record All Hope Is Gone, percussionist Shawn Crahan, vocalist Corey Taylor, guitarist Jim Root, and DJ Sid Wilson also...

Metal Merch

The craze with NFTs or "non-fungible tokens" has blown my mind. Essentially, it's a digital trading card (or piece of art) that is backed...

Shocking Revelations

When you're in a band as big as Slipknot, sometimes management will make you do things you might not exactly have agreed to do...

Latest Slipknot Music Videos

Music Videos

Yes, it's an O'Keefe Music Foundation cover.

Music Videos

"I set out to make a short film that makes you question your own existence."

Music Videos

Slipknot have released a new music video for one of the catchiest songs on their new album, We Are Not Your Kind, "Nero Forte." The...

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Latest Slipknot Reviews


Corey Taylor. Corey. Motherf$%#ing. Taylor. Finally, the most electrifying man in music entertainment has come back to turn our candy asses inside out, with...


Slipknot have easily released their best music in the last 15 years.


In spite of the fact that Slipknot have previously released live DVDs that feature a lot more easter eggs than Day of the Gusano, from a performance...


Corey Taylor takes up his pen and shares his thoughts on just what the hell is happening in America

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Latest Slipknot Live Footage

Live Footage

Slipknot's Pulse of the Maggots festival was this weekend, and during the weekend's festivities, one of the performances were from the group Vended, a...

Live Footage

From their tour with Rammstein, System of a Down, No One, and American Head Charge.

Live Footage

Shows from 2016 up to a live streamed show from this year!

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