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Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

metal injection most anticipated albums of 2022

Another year, another batch of great metal albums. While there are sure to be many more excellent releases announced throughout the rest of the year, here's what we as a collective are looking forward to so far!

Abbath – Dread Reaver (Mar. 25)

Abbath, king of the internet memes, has some amazing new music in store for us. As one of black metal's most talented songwriters, we're expecting another stellar full-length in Dread Reaver. Mia Wallace is back in the fold on bass (mostly), and drummer Ukri Suvilehtois here to shred once more. Abbath is a jokester, no doubt, and I still remember him showing me how he likes to flip over his eyelids (gross) back in the day, but he takes his music very seriously. – Jeff Podoshen

Allegaeon – Damnum (Feb. 25)

Colorado’s Allegaeon are swinging into your eardrums this February with the hyper melodic and super technical death metal they’re known for. This time you’ll be hearing more clean vocals than they’ve used before, some organ, oodles of classical guitar noodles, and perhaps their most personal lyrics yet. Damnum is the perfect balance of familiarity and successful evolution. – Daniel Cordova

Amorphis – Halo (Feb. 11)

My introduction to Amorphis was 2018's Queen Of Time, and it blew me away (especially opener "The Bee," which is one of the catchiest progressive metal songs ever). Thus, I was already very hyped for whatever came next, and Halo's first single – "The Moon" – promises a record just as remarkable. – Jordan Blum

Animals As Leaders – Parrhesia (Mar. 25)

Without a doubt, Animals As Leaders are the perfect example that modern metal is always evolving. Their instrumental djenty jams are full of virtuosity from their dark, technical self-titled debut to the trio's groovy magnum opus The Joy Of Motion. Currently released singles "Monomyth" and "The Problem Of Other Minds" are indicative that Tosin Abasi, Javier Reyes, and Matt Garstka still have superb musical chops, yet I hope the remainder of the upcoming record has some surprises as well. – Riley Rowe

Anthrax – TBA

We did one of these lists in 2019 and I wrote about Anthrax. Nothing from them. 2020, same. Then, nothing. 2021, we didn't do a list, probably in spite of Anthrax. Still, nothing from them. Well, now it's been six years, other outlets are hyping something, and the band has shared the hype. So here I am once again anticipating new Anthrax. They're fresh off their 40th anniversary and some touring, so it feels reasonable to assume they're warmed up and ready for something new. Don't hurt me again guys. – Daniel Cordova

Avenged Sevenfold – TBA

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

Hard to believe it's been six years since Avenged Sevenfold released The Stage. They've been talking about a follow-up since 2018, but this is the year we finally get to hear it. M. Shadows has said the new album is "very influenced by Kanye West," so expect the unexpected. – Max Morin

Clutch – TBA

Clutch recently wrapped up recording a new album featuring (hopefully) the songs they've been playing live lately, "Boss Metal Zone" and "Slaughter Beach." An institution of bluesy stoner rock at this point, I'm pretty confident whatever Clutch offers to the world will be nothing short of a groovy, crunchy good time. – Greg Kennelty

Dark Funeral – We Are The Apocalypse (Mar. 18)

I've been reading all the updates from the band on this record and I'm really liking what I'm reading. Additionally, I loved the direction of the last three records. From what I gather, this new record will be more along that path, and that suits me just fine. – Jeff Podoshen

Decapitated – TBA

Decapitated is slated to release their first new record since 2017's Anticult this year and we're all pretty stoked. Guitarist Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka has called the new material "strong, crushing, unique and unexpected," with the operative and exciting work there being "unexpected." What could Decapitated possibly be up to this time, and this far out from their previous material? – Greg Kennelty

Disturbed – TBA

Evolution was a misfire for Disturbed, becoming the band's lowest selling album and breaking their run of five number one hits. David Draiman has promised the new album will be "old-school Disturbed… pummeling and rhythmic and aggressive." We look forward to the projected release date in Fall of 2022. – Max Morin

Five Finger Death Punch – TBA

Nothing can stop Five Finger Death Punch at this point. Vocalist Ivan Moody released a book of poetry last year, and the follow-up to that frankly fun piece of art is the band's as-of-yet untitled ninth album, teasers of which are already online. Grab a Monster Energy drink and prepare. – Max Morin

Ghost – TBA

Yes, Ghost has gotten progressively less heavy over the course of their releases, and that's completely fine. The songwriting is still amazing and we never really know what Tobias Forge is going to give us next. With 2022 looking like 2020 all over again, pleasant surprises like the ones this band brings are going to make us feel a bit better. – Jeff Podoshen

Judas Priest – TBA

I was lucky enough to see Judas Priest on their 2021 tour before Richie Faulkner's unfortunate heart attack. The irony is that even with his failing health, Faulkner still crushed it live as did Halford. I'm not afraid to say that I love Richie and that I love Andy Sneap sitting at the controls. Case in point, Firepower is one of the band's best releases in its entire catalog and I have zero reason to lower my expectations with anything new. – Jeff Podoshen

Kerry King's new band- TBA

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

Who will actually be fronting this project? Is it really going to be Phil Anselmo? We know Paul Bostaph (Slayer, Forbidden) is on tap for the drums and Gary Holt (Slayer, Exodus) is rumored to be on guitar with King. What would really bring this all to the next level is if Kerry shaves that beard. Also 12:1 odds the band name has something to do with snakes. Maybe Kerry's Snake Pit or something… oh, wait… – Jeff Podoshen

King Diamond – TBA

I love King Diamond so much and I even have all his action figures in my office, but I know in my heart that putting the King on my list of most anticipated albums of 2022 might jinx it. "Masquerade of Madness" was a terrific single from a couple years back – and is supposed to be the beginning of new LP, but I fear that we might not hear anything new until 2023 at the earliest. – Jeff Podoshen

King’s X – TBA

What we know is that this new record is in the can – it's completely done. What we don't know is what it sounds like and when it's actually coming out. Great chance it releases this year but I hear that King's X camp wants to ensure that the band can tour to support it. With tour cancellations flying left and right – we can only hope for the best in terms of close release date. Hard to imagine I bought my first King's X record over 30 years ago, but here we are! – Jeff Podoshen

Korn – Requiem (Feb. 4)

The past decade has sincerely shown an inspiring comeback arc for Korn. Their untitled album, Korn III, and The Path Of Totality records weren't received too warmly. However, the following string of releases such as The Paradigm Shift, The Serenity Of Suffering, and more importantly The Nothing were a huge improvement in songwriting. Don't expect a gamechanger by any means, but it's safe to assume that the nu-metal legends are carrying vital momentum towards Requiem. – Riley Rowe

Kreator – TBA

One of the pioneers of German thrash metal, Kreator returns this year with the follow-up to 2017's Gods Of Violence, as they also celebrate their 40th anniversary. Their style of "Extreme Aggression" blends blistering thrash metal with twin-guitar melodies and moshpit-churning rhythms. If their past works are any example, this new record might explore societal divisions amidst current events, delivered with the apocalyptic venom of vocalist Mille Petrozza. Might this record show a more experimental side of Kreator, as well? The future will tell, with "Terrible Certainty." – Necrosexual

James LaBrie – A Beautiful Shade of Gray (May 20)

Fresh off the success of A View From The Top Of The World, Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie is releasing his first solo album in nine years. With a set release date in May of 2022, there's no telling what James has been working on. If it's anything like his latest work, it will blow us all away. – Max Morin

Lamb Of God – TBA

Rumor has it that there's a new Lamb Of God record coming this year. The new record will be the follow-up to their 2020 self-titled album, and their second with drummer Arturo "Art" Cruz. As for the music, I'd put a solid amount of money on it being groovy as hell, generally pissed off, and (given the past two albums) probably featuring an excellent guest or two. – Greg Kennelty

Lorna Shore – TBA

…And I Return To Nothingness was a highlight of 2021. Lorna Shore pulled off a full blown resurrection with the EP, scoring accolades across the board and becoming one of deathcore's brightest hopes. Their first full album with vocalist Will Ramos is already one of the most anticipated releases of this year. – Max Morin

Machine Head – TBA

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

In the four years since half the band bailed, Robb Flynn and Jared MacEacern got a couple new pals in Decapitated's Wacław Kiełtyka and Sanctorum's Matt Alston and are preparing the follow-up to the divisive Catharsis. If last year's Arrows In Words From The Sky EP was any indication of what's to come, fans of the Through The Ashes Of Empires/The Blackening-era of the band may want to give this a shot. That EP was very in their '00s sound. Fingers crossed they keep that going. – Daniel Cordova

Marillion – An Hour Before It’s Dark (Mar. 4)

British quintet Marillion is arguably the most enduring progressive/art rock band around. Fortunately, An Hour Before It's Dark seems to preserve that reputation, picking up right where 2016's phenomenal Fuck Everyone and Run (F E A R) left off in terms of both its musical splendor and biting social commentary. – Jordan Blum

Megadeth – The Sick, The Dying…And The Dead! (TBD)

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

Dave Mustaine will never stop. After the messy departure of Dave Ellefson in May of last year, there is a lot riding on The Sick, The Dying…and the Dead! Megadeth have released albums in four decades at this point, which is itself commendabl, but this one might be the big one for the band (at least in recent years). So thrash fans rejoice, because the boys are back in town. – Max Morin

Meshuggah – Immutable (Apr. 1)

Hearing an album will be "less abrasive" is usually not what you want to hear from a metal band. But given that this is Meshuggah, we will hear them out. The return of Fredrik Thorendal on guitar and a 38-second teaser of new music all sounds promising. Again, this is Meshuggah. They don't do bad albums. – Max Morin

Moon Tooth – TBA

Moon Tooth is one of those bands that is just constantly full of surprises. Their 2019 record Crux was my personal record of the year and may very well be one of my favorite progressive metal records of all time. Progressive metal? Radio-friendly progressive? Whatever we're calling Moon Tooth, they're mutants through and through at what they do and will absolutely not disappoint. I can feel it. – Greg Kennelty

Ne Obliviscaris – TBA

Yes, the first new Ne Obliviscaris album in five years is coming. We don't know when, but I assume we'll start to hear distant pianos and violins before it's announced. Ne Obliviscaris is currently three for three on writing and recording absolute classics, so I think it's probably safe to bet that this new one will make 'em four for four. – Greg Kennelty

Obituary – TBA

It's difficult to find a bad record in the catalog of America's hardest working death metal band. As they head off on the Decibel Magazine Tour this Winter, we know there's a new album waiting in the wings. I'm personally hoping for a "Redneck Stomp II." – Jeff Podoshen

Ozzy Osbourne – TBA

Due to ongoing injuries, Ozzy has been forced to cancel tours since before it was fashionable, so he and producer Andrew Watt have had a lot of time since 2020's Ordinary Man to plot a follow-up. The next one will include a lot of familiar faces. Like, A LOT. So far confirmed are Tony Iommi, Zakk Wylde, Jeff Beck, Robert Trujillo, and Chad Smith. – Daniel Cordova

Pattern-Seeking Animals – Only Passing Through (Apr. 1)

I loved the previous two Pattern-Seeking Animals albums—2019's self-titled debut and 2020's Prehensile Tales—and grew up listening to Spock's Beard (from which all four members come). In contrast to many of their stylistic peers, they always prioritize quality songwriting over flashy showmanship, and I expect a similar balance here. – Jordan Blum

Persefone – Metanoia (Feb. 4)

It's been five years since these Andorran progressive death metallers released their career benchmark, Aathma. Luckily, their latest single "Merkabah" demonstrates that if anything, they've only improved since then. Really, I couldn't be more excited to hear all of Metanoia's delights (including a guest appearance from Leprous frontman Einar Solberg). – Jordan Blum

Porcupine Tree – Closure/Continuation (Jun. 24)

It's been far too long since a new Porcupine Tree record and their 2009 album The Incident wasn't exactly the ideal end of the British prog rockers' career. Admittedly, it was pleasant to witness Steven Wilson blossom with experimentation and some pop musicalities via his following six solo albums, but the cravings for a full band reunion sometimes overshadowed these releases. I'm bummed that we're missing bassist Colin Edwin's distinct grooves on Closure / Continuation, however remaining optimistic that the current trio will amaze me as they have in the past. – Riley Rowe

Puscifer – TBA

The ever-prolific Maynard James Keenan, alongside Carina Round and Mat Mitchell, are set to release a new Puscifer record this year. This will be Puscifer's second record since 2020, which is great considering the band put out three records between 2007 and 2015. So hey – maybe this can become a regular thing? I'm certainly not complaining. – Greg Kennelty

Rammstein – TBA

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022
Photo by Jens Koch

Rammstein took an entire decade to release their most recent album in 2019. Fortunately, studio album number eight will come much sooner. These Krauts remain among the most consistent rockers in the game. Their new album is all but certain to be undeniably Rammstein: a pyroclastic feast of heavy mechanical grooves, hammering hooks, quirky keyboard flourishes, and Till Lindemann's iconic baritone. – Necrosexual

Revocation – TBA

The departure of guitarist Dan Gargiulo last year made Revocation a trio for the first time since 2008. They've soldiered on, posting clips from the studio back in May continuing their tradition of blast beats and wild technical riffs. Only time will tell if these tech-death wizards are still on the top of their game. – Max Morin

Rolo Tomassi – Where Myth Becomes Memory (Feb. 4)

Rolo Tomassi are no stranger to pushing boundaries and trying new things. This progressive post-hardcore collective are dabbling in metalcore, atmospheric pop, hardcore and more. That short list of genre shifts occurs in a single song, so the entire album covers a wild amount of ground. This will be the final album in a trilogy that began on the band's 2015 Grievances. Fans of that and the stellar Time Will Die And Love Will Bury It will have a lot to enjoy here. – Daniel Cordova

Sabaton – The War To End All Wars (March 4th 2022)

It seems one World War I album was not enough for these battle-hardened Swedes, because Sabaton are back with their tenth album The War To End All Wars. Anyone who heard their new singles "Soldier of Heaven" and "Christmas Truce" already knows this one will be a monster. Hold on to your helmets. It's going to be an epic ride. – Max Morin

Slipknot – TBA

Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2022

Considering Corey Taylor, Clown, etc. are all around 50 years old nowadays, one would assume that Slipknot would be starting to show their age. On the contrary, recent material from the 9-man project is full of youthful rage and compelling creativity. We Are Not Your Kind proved that they still are down to experiment and their latest single "The Chapeltown Rag" was further evidence of their unrelenting heavy factor. You'd be lying if you're not even a bit excited for a new record from the masked metal pioneers. – Riley Rowe

Star One – Revel In Time (Feb. 18)

Ayreon mastermind Arjen Anthony Lucassen is perhaps the greatest songwriter and composer in progressive metal; therefore, it's only natural to anticipate that Revel In Time will match the operatic sci-fi conceptual heights of his many past triumphs. Just check out its closing epic, "Lost Children of the Universe," for proof! – Jordan Blum

Suicide Silence – TBA

Five years on, Suicide Silence still can't seem to shake the specter of their self-titled album. Become The Hunter was a welcome return to form, full of the usual shrieks and breakdowns we expect from one of deathcore's greatest acts. Nails and Twitching Tongues producer Taylor Young is onboard for the newest album, so things already look promising. Suicide Silence still have it in them to demolish this next record. – Max Morin

Devin Townsend – Lightwork (TBA)

On the heels of a pair of experimental collaborative records in 2021, The Puzzle and Snuggles, Hevy Devy is already back with what he's considering a proper record. So, proper bombastic epic metal songs? In an atypical (for Devin) move, this one was produced by someone else. GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine, Biffy Clyro, etc.) is handling the production. Not sure what that means for the sound, but bring it. – Daniel Cordova

Undeath – It's Time… To Rise From The Grave (Apr. 22)

It's time for more Undeath. Their impressive debut Lesions Of A Different Kind in 2020 enjoyed instant classic status, and recent dispatches from these altered beasts indicate another bludgeoning of skull-crushing riffs to kick one in the (protruding) guts. This record also marks their first with full-time bassist Tommy Wall, a young maestro of the east coast metal scene. – Necrosexual

Voivod – Synchro Anarchy (Feb. 11)

Voivod propels their sound to the outer limits with Synchro Anarchy, the 15th album delivered on their 40th year as a band. Their new single, "World Eaters" is both a jarring and jingly affair, with a spacey atmosphere from these Canadian innovators. Perhaps, Synchro Anarchy is the culmination of a career spanning genres of sloppy, crossover punk, thrash, psychedelia, and prog rock. Expect a weirdly memorable meditation of the times, through Voivod's peerless perspective. – Necrosexual

Watain – TBA

Watain are one of metal's greatest bands – not just black metal – but metal in general. Trident Wolf Eclipse was a dirty, nasty record that strongly contrasted the slower and slightly more restrained Wild Hunt. Of course, after releasing six complete full lengths with zero filler on any of them, Watain has solidified their position as true black metal legends and they say legends never die. I'm hearing this new record comes out in Spring. Long-time touring bassist Alvaro Lillo will be on the new recording again as well. – Jeff Podoshen

Zeal & Ardor – Zeal And Ardor (Feb. 11)

No modern metal act expresses innovation and dynamics as gracefully as Zeal & Ardor. Their previous record, Stranger Fruit, is a genuine masterpiece of genre fusion between black metal, folk, and soul. Fortunately, the teaser singles off the upcoming self-titled album are no different. "Gotterdaammerung" sounds like a nasty, blackened mix of Songs For The Deaf-era Queen Of The Stone Age, Anaal Nathrakh, and Ihsahn. – Riley Rowe

What albums are you most looking forward to that are coming out this year? Let us know in the comments.

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