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Upcoming Releases

With a bonus DVD, unreleased live shows, and even a demo cassette!

Metal Merch

Are band beverages the new band shirt? First Cradle of Filth gave us a  new line of tea, then Lamb of God announced their...

Around the Interwebs

I don't know how animator Roxxy Roxx pulled this off, but he somehow managed to get some voice acting from some big names in...

In The Studio

Vocalist Mille Petrozza makes it pretty clear.

Latest kreator Music Videos

Music Videos

Lemmy, Jeff Hanneman, Cliff Burton, Peter Steele, Bon Scott, etc.

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Latest kreator Live Footage

Live Footage

If you didn't happen to catch Kreator's set in Chile in 2018, or you just really miss live shows right now, then here's your...

Live Footage

Talk about randomly awesome. Last night, Kreator performed their single "Satan Is Real" on the German late night talk show Circus HalliGalli and they...

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