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Latest Abbath News

Latest News

"But am I open to an Immortal reunion? Yes, of course."

Breakups & Shakeups

While Abbath is dealing with his sobriety issues (he's at least two months sober now), there has been a lineup change in his group....

Latest Abbath Music Videos

Music Videos

Filmed at Beyond the Gates 2019.

Music Videos

Unsurprisingly black metal, as always.

Music Videos

It's like he was in Immortal or something.

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Latest Abbath Reviews


Abbath's second album is a big, bold and very fun listen. It carries on the legacy of Abbath's past while applying a classic heavy...


Seeing as how done Abbath sounded in 2009, I wasn’t sure what to expect from his eponymous debut. Given that he was the primary...

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