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"We don't feel comfortable working on an album this long and then releasing it with no tour in sight."

New Music

There's a new band out on the streets, and they have some big guns in the band. The Wheelblocks is now a thing and...

Upcoming Releases

Hey, remember Avenged Sevenfold? Looks like they might be back in your music player rotation sooner than later because the band has been working on...


Avenged Sevenfold made no secret of their conservative views in the past, like in the song "Critical Acclaim," where vocalist M. Shadows exclaimed “If...

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Music Videos

System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan has given us a taste of his new project, These Grey Men, which features covers of some...

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Avenged Sevenfold returns with The Stage: a vast and powerful collection of music found amongst the stars.


By the time that this goes up, I will have just seen Black Sabbath again (writing this Sunday night since I'm seeing them Monday). I...


Avenged Sevenfold has not been too shy in talk of their new album. The one thing that always popped up in interviews regarding Hail to...

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Live Footage

Also there's some new music, but who knows when.

Live Footage

2019 will be 10 years since James "The Rev" Sullivan passed away.

Live Footage

From their Live At The Grammy Museum performance.

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