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Plus releases from August Burns Red, Exploring Birdsong, Ihsahn, Keep of Kaleesin, Floor Jansen, Liturgy, Mork & Ov Sulfur.


"These are songs to cherish and treasure, and are some of Ihsahn's very best endeavors in a masterfully storied body of work."

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Plus new music from Entheos, Hellripper, Thrown Into Exile & more.

Latest ihsahn Music Videos

Music Videos

Matt Heafy, Ihsahn, and Nergal together at least!

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Latest ihsahn Reviews


Pharos is perhaps the most succinct yet powerful example yet of Ihsahn's knack for crafting beautifully dense, emotional, and intense compositions.


The Telemark EP is an essential addition to Ihsahn’s catalog


Ámr is easily one of Ihsahn’s most focused, dynamic, and overall impressive sequences to date.

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Live Footage

Interesting choice given the opening riff.

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