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Another year, another batch of great metal albums. While there are sure to be many more excellent releases announced throughout the rest of the...

Latest Megadeth Music Videos

Music Videos

We've been excited for the return of Cadaver since they resurrected last year for the first time in 15 years. They've since dropped a...

Music Videos

The kid-friendly Finnish dinosaur metal act Hevisaurus have finally written their 100th song and have sought out the help of a few friends. These...

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Latest Megadeth Reviews


Can't think anything other than "Holy shit, I've seeing Shining Thursday with Cormorant." What should I wear to a "blackjazz" show? Corpse paint? Fancy...


This album has gotten so much bad press that it's hard to approach with an open mind. As a huge Megadeth fan, and someone...


This week felt like both a slow week for albums and a huge week for albums. There were not that many new releases that...

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Latest Megadeth Live Footage

Live Footage

Previously known as That One Night: Live in Buenos Aires.

Live Footage

LoMenzo is only their touring bassist at the moment.

Live Footage

They closed with a cover of "Anarchy in the U.K.".

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