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Ozzy Osbourne

Latest Ozzy Osbourne News

Latest News

Was anyone in Black Sabbath happy with 13?

Latest News

"That's going to be used for another thing."

Latest Ozzy Osbourne Music Videos

Music Videos

From the 30th anniversary edition of No More Tears.

Music Videos

Ozzy Osbourne is back in animated form for his "It's a Raid" music video. The video finds Osbourne alongside guest vocalist Post Malone getting...

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Latest Ozzy Osbourne Reviews


With over 50 years of hard rock debauchery under his belt, Ozzy Osbourne really doesn’t have anything to prove to anyone. After defining the...


By Ben Apatoff “Legend” is one of the most overused terms in music writing, but SLASH unquestionably deserves it. Don’t kid yourself into thinking...

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Latest Ozzy Osbourne Live Footage

Live Footage

The September 8 performance was originally heavily, heavily truncated.

Live Footage

1983. The year Ozzy Osbourne releases his third solo album Bark At The Moon, and the fourth year of his solo career after being...

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