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Dream Theater

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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Clutch, Electric Hydra, Horse The Band, Sodom, and Within The Ruins.

Metal Merch

Petrucci's line include mustache wax, beard balm, and two sizes of beard oil.

Upcoming Releases

He's working with a "fine musician from Scotland."

Upcoming Releases

"I'm looking it as an opportunity to experiment with a brand-new instrument."

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It’s quite difficult approaching a review and critique of a new Dream Theater album. This is a band that has so much respect and...


The Astonishing, Dream Theater's latest sprawling epic, seeks to both add a little juju back to a staid and true formula


You know what the metal world needs more of? Musicals. I'm not saying that ironically either. Sure, we have plenty of prog bands putting out...


Dream Theater have had an interesting release history; from classic records like Images and Words and Scenes From A Memory, the band released what's...

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Live Footage

"Performing Scenes From A Memory live in its entirety 20 years after its initial release was a ton of fun for all of us."

Live Footage

Dream Theater fans eat up the band's live albums, so they've announced their ninth(!) release in the live album realm, Distant Memories – Live in London. The album...

Live Footage

Dream Theater keyboardist Jordan Rudess posted this terrific tribute to the late David Bowie earlier today, playing one of Bowie's biggest hits, "Space Oddity"...

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