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Lamb Of God

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Revolver Magazine just revealed the albums they've ranked as the top 25 of the year. You can see their picks below, and read the...

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When you think wedding ceremony, perhaps Lamb of God is not the first band you think of when picking a song to walk down...


Lamb of God's Mark Morton has joined Dee Snider in calling out the anti-mask protestors in South Florida, who stormed a Target and marched...


Lamb of God officially played their first show since quarantine this weekend with their big livestream event. There may not have been any fans...

Latest Lamb Of God Music Videos

Music Videos

Lamb of God has never been shying about political commentary, and one of the most obvious examples of that is their new song, "Gears," with...

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Latest Lamb Of God Reviews


With a few notable detours, this self-titled album is a solid reminder of why Lamb of God rose to the top of the New...


2020 has already thrown us a lot of curveballs, but “Lamb of God Guitarist Records Acoustic EP” was still unexpected. Mark Morton’s first solo...


The Duke is a fundraiser EP to benefit the late friend of the band, Wayne "The Duke" Ford


To say that the three years between VII: Sturm Und Drang and 2012's Resolution have been traumatic for the members of Lamb of God would be a tragic understatement. With...

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Latest Lamb Of God Live Footage

Live Footage

Lamb of God released their long-anticipated self-titled album this weekend and to celebrate the occasion, the group recorded a three song quarantined set to...

Live Footage

With the Metal Tour of the Year delayed until next year, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames instead teamed up to stream a killer event...

Live Footage

Thirteen songs including the new song "Checkmate."

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