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We couldn't get Corey Taylor's opinion, so we gave ours.

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"Reading the Tenants of the Satanic Temple, those feel much more kind of real and humanitarian than the Ten Commandments."

Latest Revocation Music Videos

Music Videos

Netherheaven is out now. Get into it.

Music Videos

The new album features Cannibal Corpse and The Black Dahlia Murder members.

Music Videos

Gargoyl ,the new band featuring Revocation vocalist and guitarist Dave Davidson and Luke Roberts of Ayahuasca are gearing up to release their first amazing...

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"Netherheaven finds Revocation doubling down on their most ferocious elements."


One of the main characteristics that continues to protrude in this release is the melodic flow that is at its strongest yet.


This is Revocation's 5th full length album since 2008, and if we have learned anything from this trashy metal band, it's that Revocation loves...

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Latest Revocation Live Footage

Live Footage

Check out Max Volume Silence Live, video by Frank Huang

Live Footage

Check outĀ Pit Full of Shit, video by Frank Huang

Live Footage

Revocation are coming out with a new album this year and already recorded the whole shindig, which will be their debut album on Metal...

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