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Celebrity Metalheads

Dee Snider Calls Out Celebrities Wearing Metal Shirts: "Metal Is Not Ironic. Dicks"

The Twisted Sister frontman doesn't like "our image" co-opted.

The Twisted Sister frontman doesn't like "our image" co-opted.

Dee Snider knows a thing or two about metal fashion. But it seems the overabundance of celebrities wearing metal t-shirts has gotten to the Twisted Sister frontman. Kanye West, are notorious for wearing metal shirts out in public. We've seen Metallica shirts worn by Gigi HadadMichael Jackson's daughter, Justin Bieber, and Kim Kardashian.

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But celebrity stylists getting their clients to wear vintage metal shirts is one thing. Big time fashion brands have begun taking notice and blatantly ripping off metal logos in some cases. It feels like H&M released a line of metal logo t-shirts, Diesel sold this overpriced leather jacket with fake metal patches on it, Urban Outfitters sold overpriced band t-shirts too, and I have no idea what Gucci was thinking with this AC/DC design. Now, you have big brands like Supreme teaming up with Black Sabbath and Slayer for limited lines. Dee Snider is not having it any more. Take a look at what he tweeted today:

While the tweets got a lot of likes, there were some interesting responses pushing back on Dee's opinion, which Dee acknowledged.

While we can understand Dee's frustration, ultimately, we think any form of gatekeeping is a waste of time. Heavy metal is for everybody. I can't tell you how many stories I've heard about longtime Maiden fans saying the way they got into the band was browsing the record store and finding one of their albums with their amazing cover art and having to buy it. Well, guess what? Record stores are few and far between. But if a kid sees a cool Iron Maiden shirt and decides to actually put on "Number of the Beast," then it's a victory for all of us, as it keeps heavy metal alive.

In spite of all these metal posers, there are plenty of legit celebrity metalheads, which we've listed below.

Dee obviously holds metal's imagery very close to his heart, as he found himself defending it many times in 80s. His battle with the PMRC made our list of Most Controversial Moments in Metal.

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Celebrity Metalheads, who usually get into the music through their kids:

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