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Did Kim Kardashian Pay $2,000 For This Rare METALLICA Shirt?

The rare Metallica tour shirt sells online for $2,000.

The rare Metallica tour shirt sells online for $2,000.

Does one of the Kardashians stylists love heavy metal? That has to be it, right? What else could explain Kanye West proudly rocking a Megadeth t-shirt, as well as Kendall Jenner photographed wearing not just a Megadeth shirt but a Slayer t-shirt as well.

The latest Kardashian clan member to rock a metal tee, is the SEO goddess Kim Kardashian who, according to Vogue, was having a "rocker moment" while walking her daughter North West around recently. Here's the full photo:

Kim Kardashian Metallica

Here is where the story gets interesting. As familiar as I am with Metallica, the design Kim is sporting looks like a pretty rare logo. The most prominent "Metal Up Your Ass" design always featured the toilet seat with a hand poking out of it with a dagger. At first, I thought it was one of those H&M Metallica shirts but it is not. Also, if you look closely, the screen print of the logo is cracked, signifying this may not be a new shirt. Obviously, Kim or her stylists both a shirt a few sizes larger than she normally wears and cut it up to fit her dimensions.

I did some digging for this shirt design, and some reverse Google image searching, and the only thing I could find is this vintage shirt retailer selling that design, which is a rare tour design, for two thousand dollars! I want to believe Kim was smart enough not to pay that much, but we both know that she probably wanted it because it was two thousand dollars.

Could this be the beginning of a new market… selling unwanted old tour t-shirts to celebrities for exorbitant prices?

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[Thanks for the tip, Jennifer A.]

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