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H&M Now Sell SLAYER & METALLICA T-Shirts (For A Lower Price Than Buying Direct From The Band)

Not a bad deal, really.

Not a bad deal, really.

I have to admit: the one or two times a year where I decide I need some new clothing that doesn't bare the logo of a band I enjoy, I will typically find myself going to either H&M or, even better, Uniqlo. Both places offer quality clothing at very reasonable prices. Now, I guess I can do my metal shopping there as well?

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MetalSucks points out that the Swedish clothing store has launched new designs that bare the logos of Metallica, Slayer and Guns N Roses. Even better? All three designs are sold for about $18, which is significantly less than what Metallica and Slayer are selling shirts for in their merch stores. Not including discounted/sale items, the regular price for a Metallica tee is about $23 and Slayer t-shirts can go for as high as $30.

H&M also has some generic metal designs like this one and this one.

So, is there anything wrong in buying a Slayer tee at H&M for $18? I don't think so. It's certainly not as bad as Urban Outfitters wanting $300 for a bullshit Megadeth jacket or that time GAP stole a Judas Priest design for one of their shirts.

So if you get one of those vintage tees, wear it loud! Wear it proud!

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