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New Fashion Line Blatantly Rips Off / Pays Homage To EMPEROR, MAYHEM, OBITUARY

Enough is enough!

Enough is enough!

Mainstream fashion bites the metal hand again. Metal designs have become in vogue in the fashion world, so much so that a metal tee was named the look for the summer last year, and now big time fashion companies are coming in for the kill.

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It feels like H&M released a line of metal logo t-shirts, Diesel sold this overpriced leather jacket with fake metal patches on it, Urban Outfitters sold overpriced band t-shirts too, and I have no idea what Gucci was thinking with this AC/DC design. Now, you have big brands like Supreme teaming up with Black Sabbath and Slayer for limited lines. Today, we learn of a smaller company, Factory, which is co-opting metal logos into various designs. For example, this Mayhem logo rip which says "FORTUNE" on it:

There is another version, where it's half this and half another logo:

As seen in the main image, they are also selling a shirt with the knockoff Mayhem logo. It originally went for $40, but has been marked down to $19.

I can't decide which is worse, this Obituary/Emperor knock-off:

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…or this really bad Emperor / Doom knockoff:

Shockingly, most of these items are already sold out. The site selling these knock-offs also has officially licensed clothes from Black Sabbath, Misfits and Def Leppard. Just buy those!

[via MetalSucks]

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