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Michael Jackson's Daughter Paris is Now 17, And A Metalhead!

The Princess of Pop is a metalhead!

The Princess of Pop is a metalhead!

There is no denying that metal is more popular right now than it has ever been, or perhaps a more accurate term would be more mainstream than ever. Previously, we've noted how big time Hollywood celebrities like Michael Fassbender aka MagnetoChris Hemsworth, aka THOR, and even Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe is a metalhead. Prince Harry gets down with some old school metal bands, as does the president of Indonesia.

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But honestly, I am shocked to learn that Paris Jackson… the daughter of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is a metalhead. More shocked than seeing Kendall Jenner wearing a Megadeth shirt at Coachella last month, because it seems that Paris is actually into it, unlike Kendall.

My friend, Jennifer, who works in fashion, pointed me to Paris's Facebook page, which shows that the girl is clearly a #rockchick (as the kids say). Paris took in Rock in Rio USA over the weekend in Vegas, and I'm pretty sure her favorite band there was Metallica, at least according to her Facebook:

The caption is adorbs. I wonder if Paris realizes Lars was wearing nothing at all under those jeggings. Of course, you can watch Metallica's full set from the show and let us know if you spot Paris in the crowd. Paris made sure to spend some time with her "moshpit fam" during the show…

Finally, here's a photo of Paris at an older show, presumably from last year, checking out Motley Crue's final tour with Alice Cooper:

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Sure Paris likes what some would consider "entry level" metal bands, but it's great to see she's just a normal 17 year old girl, with an open mind for heavier music considering the traumatic childhood she had.

Other noted metalheads include Lord of the Rings star Christopher Lee, Nic Cage, who likes to enjoy metal with his son, andTopenga from Boy Meets World, who loves Lamb of God and of course, Rihanna.

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