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Metal Injection's Most Anticipated Albums Of 2020

Including Carcass, Pallbearer, Ozzy, Code Orange, Paradise Lost, Khemmis, Power Trip, Enslaved, and way more!

most anticipated 2020

Here we go! It's a new year and a new decade, rife with musical possibilities to completely blow your mind (hopefully). We've taken the time to pick some the albums we're looking forward to most this year, as well as let you in on why we're excited for them!


I wrote about this one last year and nothing new came from the band. I have higher hopes for 2020 since they have been pretty quiet aside from a few short runs in 2019. Seems like SOMETHING is imminent. Also, Scott Ian is spending a little time on the road with Mr. Bungle this year, so I’m curious if that’ll bringing some additional chaos and weirdness to the Anthrax. I don’t imagine a sax solo or circus-esque opuses, but who knows? – Daniel Cordova

Black CurseTBA

This Denver, Colorado collection of talents is supposed to finally release their full-length in 2020. Black Curse features members of Spectral Voice, Blood Incantation, Khemmis, and Primitive Man coming together for an unwieldy display of satanic black/death metal. Their demo rules—check it out now. – Cody Davis

Body CountCarnivore

Ice-T possesses the swagger to go from rapping about being a "Cop Killer," to playing a cop on Law & Order. But the new Body Count shows an Ice-T who is eager to bloody one's face with poetic punishment, flanked by ass-kicking hardcore breakdowns. "Bloodthirsty some may say / I have always been this way," go the grisly narrations in their new single "Carnivore." Ice-T's razor sharp rhymes will strip the meat from your carcass, and the guitars sound a bit like Kirk Hammett, if he played in Korn. – The Necrosexual

Carach AngrenTBA

The black metal horror masters of Carach Angren return in 2020 with a whole new story to make your skin crawl. While there’s not much information outside of the band being in the studio leading up to their appearance on 70,000 Tons of Metal this year, it’s a safe bet that this with be a symphonic heavy, black metal album made to horrify and intrigue. – Aaron Price


Carcass melted all our faces off in 2013 with Surgical Steel. Now the band has to build on what is undoubtedly the best death metal record of the century. Will they be able to bring the rage once more? Only time will tell. – Matt Bacon

Code OrangeUnderneath

Code Orange are at the forefront of modern day hardcore. They were nominated for a Grammy in 2017 for their landmark offering, Forever. This is a band who have not forgotten their DIY roots and are helping bring the scene together – who knows what this next record will do? – Matt Bacon


The best music Deftones has ever written has arrived in the last 10 years. Gore, Koi no Yokan, and Diamond Eyes have showcased a more dazzling alternative metal from the once-nü-metal band. The pivot into radiant rock has done wonders for the band—though there has been rumored strife within the band about their direction. Nevertheless, Deftones have been a marquee name in rock and metal for years and, if trends continue, their newest effort will be just as special. – Cody Davis

Demons & WizardsIII

Demons & Wizards, the power metal outfit featuring Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian and Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth, are finally back after a healthy 15-year hiatus. The long-awaited album is entitled III and is unsurprisingly their third studio release. Demons & Wizards have already released the first single from the album (with an accompanying 8-minute theatrical music video), "Diabolic." If the delectably over-the-top music video is a sign of album to come, then we’re in for a melodic, dark ride drenched in iconic, swelling vocals and firey, charging riffs. – Lauryn Mercer


This past November, the fearlessly inventive Enslaved announced that they were in the studio working on an album slated for release in Spring of 2020. Norway's high lords of progressive black metal seem to constantly re-invent themselves as they explore and combine starkly contrasting elements: riff-based and atmospheric sounds, blackened and clean vocals, introspective psychedelic explorations and furious black metal. The band has dropped few hints so far as to what direction the new album will take. The album will mark the first recording that Enslaved will release without longtime drummer Cato Bekkevold since 2003's Below the Lights. But with founding members and bandleaders Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson again at the helm, fan expectations are nevertheless high for another progressive black metal masterpiece. – Ben G.


It’s coming up on four whole years now since the release of Gojira’s last album Magma, but the band officially announced at the end of September that they were back in the studio recording the to-be-named follow up. Magma split a lot of fans of the band as they focused more on the progressive sound than their more death metal influenced earlier work, but much like a lot of bands in that style, it wouldn’t be too surprising if they continued to explore that sound on this new release. – Aaron Price

Green CarnationTBA

Green Carnation are another iconic metal band who’s coming back after a hefty hiatus of about 15 years. These pioneers of Norwegian Black Metal will surely bring the dark, doomy, emotive power of their previous efforts such as Light of Day, Day of Darkness to the new album. If they lean on their strengths and continue to weave sonic journeys, Green Carnation will be ready to delight old and new fans alike with powerful atmosphere and gripping instrumentation. – Lauryn Mercer


Emperor of Sand harkened back to the cosmic majesty of Crack the Skye; that alone makes me eager to hear its follow-up. No matter what direction it takes (very little has been said about the album’s direction so far), it’ll surely be a rewarding progression for the prog metal maestros. – Jordan Blum

MidnightRebirth By Blasphemy

Midnight have been grinding away in the underground for years now. Their unique brand of black n’ roll is fiercely addictive. Rebirth By Blasphemy promises to be the next step in their legacy of violence. Rebirth By Blasphemy is out January 24. – Matt Bacon

IgorrrSpirituality and Distortion

The twisted mad man of sound, Gautier Serre, is back with another bat shit crazy adventure for 2020 titled Spirituality and Distortion. Promised to venture further down the rabbit hole, I couldn’t be more excited to experience what they do next, as they bring more of the Frankenstein fury, and push music to the furthest extent of human consumption. – Frank Godla

Ihsahn – Telemark

I discovered Ihsahn with Amr, and he’s since become one of my favorite modern metal artists. He’s consistently interesting, idiosyncratic, and singular, so there’s no reason not to expect more greatness from the Telemark EP. After all, the newly released first single, “Stridig,” contains everything I love about his work. – Jordan Blum

IntronautFluid Existential Inversions

Judging by the newly released “Cubensis,” Fluid Existential Inversions will be well worth the five-year wait since The Direction of Last Things. It maintains the band’s special formula while also reminding me a bit of Cynic, BTBAM, and Animals as Leaders. That’s all I need to get excited about it. – Jordan Blum


The growth and evolution of Khemmis over the last few years has personally been one of my favorite things to see in metal. The high-flying Colorado quartet recently signed to Nuclear Blast Records after three albums with the mighty 20 Buck Spin. Every album for the group has been better than the last and knowing how driven and committed to their process they are, I don’t expect that trend to change with their music in 2020. – Cody Davis

King DiamondThe Institute

Although heavily rumoured to be released during 2019, King Diamond officially announced the first part of a new double concept album, titled The Institute. In November 2019, King Diamond officially released the first taste of new music with the single “Masquerade of Madness”, which they had also played earlier in the year at festivals. All we really know about the new album is; it’s the first of two parts, and the story won’t truly make sense until the second part is released, presumably in 2022, but hopefully we’re wrong about that part. – Aaron Price

Kvelertak – Splid

On February 14, 2020, Kvelertak, the metal world's favorite black 'n roll force, will finally release the long-awaited follow-up to 2016's Nattesferd. Entitled Splid, Kvelertak's upcoming album will be their first without founding frontman Erlend Hjelvik. Replacement Ivar Nikolaisen has his work cut out for him as he attempts to fill the shoes of a genre-defining singer. But there are indications that Splid may also mark a return to Kvelertak's roots. For Splid, the band again worked with Kurt Ballou (Converge), who produced their first two albums, meaning fans are likely in store for the somewhat more polished sound of Kvelertak's first two albums rather than the rawer sound of 2016's self-produced Nattesferd. – Ben G.


A bout with throat cancer did little to deter Mustaine and company from entering their fifth decade (!) of 'Deth, with a new album in tow. Will Megadeth's new record be a magnum opus of progressive, thrashing madness, similar to Rust In Peace? A new generation of arena rock anthems like Youthanasia? Or a Super Collider-sized let down? Mustaine's sneering wit is crucial to the Megadeth attitude. Whose foreheads will be targeted by MegaDave's lyrical warheads in 2020? – The Necrosexual

Nine Inch NailsTBA

While it feels like this album is in the very early stages (and might not happen), Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross are dabbling with the idea of an idea of collaborations on the next Nine Inch Nails release. Trent’s friend-list over the years is pretty diverse with him popping up on songs by Queens of the Stone Age songs and Tori Amos, remixing folks like Peter Gabriel, Queen, and U2, and playing live with The Dillinger Escape Plan and Lindsey Buckingham. Using my powers of wild speculation I can say that this has the potential to be really wild if the right calls are made, but again, that’s IF it happens. – Daniel Cordova

The OceanPhanerozoic II

There was a five year gap between Pelagial and Phanerozoic I: Palaeozoic with main-man Robin Stapps saying the latter was basically ready for much of that time. Was Phanerozoic worth the wait? Absolutely. The teases were just so cruel before though. So when the band is saying 2020, part of me doesn’t buy it just yet. I’m sure hopeful for more aquatic prog metal this year though. – Daniel Cordova

Ozzy OsbourneOrdinary Man

There's a lot going on with this one. Rumblings of a new Ozzman album started after the demise of Black Sabbath in 2017. Zakk Wylde was back in the fold and things were looking pretty good. Then, the Prince of Darkness announced the end of touring and a new record seemed like it wasn't going to happen. However, his final tour has been postponed a few times since then due to injuries new and old. A new record seemed like it would never happen.

However, being off the road and meeting Post Malone's producer Andrew Watt gave Ozz the strength and inspiration to put something new together. A pair of new songs, "Under The Graveyard" and "Straight To Hell," have surfaced since and they have guests like Slash, Duff McKagan, and Chad Smith on them. I can't saw I saw any of this coming, but I'm very curious what Ozzy will do with a hip modern producer and a cast of legendary folks helping him out. Ordinary Man is out January 2020. – Daniel Cordova


Pallbearer played very few shows in 2019 so they could take the time to write this upcoming record. It promises to be a truly special offering that once more captures the magic of why we first fell in love with these Arkansas boys. – Matt Bacon

PoppyI Disagree

I recall years ago stumbling upon a somewhat viral video of a quirky individual repeating “I am Poppy” in an annoying and creepy, yet mesmerizingly intriguing manner. I never dreamt that this seemingly wacky YouTube sensational hit would later get signed to Sumerian Records, let alone create some fantastic experimental singles. Upon further research, Poppy has been involved in music since 2015, however was then more-so involved in the electronic/pop scene as opposed to her current metallic venture. The first single I heard was "Concrete," which resembled a Babymetal-meets-Queen amalgamation in a subgenre mishmash Between the Buried and Me-like delivery. I was hooked then and there. The other singles to come out off this upcoming LP ("Bloodmoney," "Fill the Crown," and the title track) don't drag me back for as many listens as "Concrete" did, but are still equally zany. Poppy definitely is gearing up to be the next eccentric arena act and I'm embracing the weirdness. – Riley Rowe

Power TripTBA

Dallas, Texas’ Power Trip has made a meteoric rise over the last few years, turning into one of crossover and metal’s most important and recognizable bands. Everything to their energetic live sets to their outwardly progressive politics gives this band the upper hand when it comes to embodying the truest and original forms of heavy metal. Whatever they’ve drawn up for this year is going to draw attention. – Cody Davis

Primitive ManTBA

The world’s heaviest band is plotting their return in 2020 and I, for one, cannot wait to hear them soundtrack society’s inevitable demise and the rapidly proliferating hate in my heart for said society yet again. There is, arguably, no other band that captures nihilism like Primitive Man. – Cody Davis

Psychotic Waltz – The God-Shaped Void

Their first LP in over twenty years—and featuring the original line-up—it seems promising given the catchy intensity of lead single “Devils and Angels.” Evoking vintage Psychotic Waltz (as well as classic Queensrÿche, Fates Warning, and Ghost), it suggests that The God-Shaped Void will represent a very satisfying return. – Jordan Blum

Sargent House (Record label)

Cathy Pellow, the woman behind the label, Sargent House, has been teasing a whole bunch of things on Twitter for over a month now and I am just itching to know what it is. Some possible hints have included pictures of Deafheaven’s George Clarke, Chelsea Wolfe, Earth’s Dylan Carlson, Lingua Ignota, and Emma Ruth Rundle. Whatever is on the horizon, count me in. – Cody Davis

Spectral VoiceTBA

The Denver death/doom project comprised of Eli Wendler and members of Blood Incantation’s lineup is set to return in 2020 to follow up their last full-length record, Eroded Corridors of Unbeing. Given the high crossover between band members, both bands usually alternate studio cycles. Following the success of Hidden History of the Human Race, expectations are pretty high for fans of both bands. – Cody Davis

Suicide SilenceBecome The Hunter

Become The Hunter is an album a lot of old school Suicide Silence fans will be happy to hear, following the bands 2017 self-titled album. Three singles have been released so far and all of which are very deathcore heavy with no clean singing in sight, whether or not that means the whole album will be this way is one thing though. Thankfully for the old school fans, these three singles already make this new album heavier than the last by a long shot. – Aaron Price

Terminal NationTBA

The band has been threatening a full-length punishment for a little while now. And this year the powerviolence is landing. Prior EPs like “Absolute Control” and their split with Neckbeard Deathcamp have showcased a take-no-prisoners attitude. This year Terminal Nation is poised to crush, kill and destroy. – Christopher Luedtke

Thou & Emma Ruth RundleTBA

There are rumors of a collaborative LP in the works following a live collaboration and tour between the Louisiana sludge/doom force, Thou, and the marvelous and melancholic Emma Ruth Rundle. Both entities’ last full-length records were flawless—the amount of creativity in that studio can only result in something wonderful. – Cody Davis

VildhjartaKaos 2

Back in November of last year, the Swedish prog metal pioneers dropped their first song since the Thousands of Evils EP from 2013. Even though this group has become a justified cult classic in the djent community via their previously released two EPs and full-length album, I find this latest single, "Den Helige Anden" to be by far their strongest material. The modern production allows for their tight songwriting and performance to shine with such beauty. Even when lumped with other early djenters like Meshuggah, SikTh, Periphery, or Tesseract, Vildhjarta always stood out as their style was coated in a darker personality. I predict Kaos 2 to be monumental and likely be on my favorite albums of this year. – Riley Rowe

WakeDevouring Ruin

Wake has already unleashed one track from their upcoming crusher titled “This Abyssal Plain”. The song is both brutal and epic and only a taste of things to come. The Canadian deathgrind dealers have had an ace output so far and have never skimped on the quality. Plus, the mighty Translation Loss is doing the release once more. A devastating band on a devastating label. Get ready for brutality. – Christopher Luedtke

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