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Utgard is not only a superb successor to E, but also a great modernization of Enslaved's ever-evolving aesthetic in general.

Weekly Injection

This week’s new heavy metal releases include solo outings, evil epicness (epic evilness?), grooves, and more! To the metals…


They are one of the game-changing bands in all of extreme metal, a pillar of the mid 90s change in trend and genre in...

Latest Enslaved Music Videos

Music Videos

More progressive black metal from the Norwegian kings.

Music Videos

No more waiting, we finally get to hear new Enslaved and we're so pumped. The band have announced a fall release for their new album,...

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The incredible forward thinking approach of In The Woods... has taken yet another impressive step. What's a man to do but fall deeper in...


Enslaved have been not-so-quietly making their presence known in the extreme metal community for a full quarter century, from those early pure black metal demos Nema and Yggdrasil to...


Enslaved were one of the earlier Scandinavian bands to begin rigorously unraveling the increasingly staid black metal template. Though they've been at this "controlled...

Black Metal History

By the turn of the century, Enslaved had produced a quartet of compelling albums, establishing themselves as reliable and unique purveyors of the blackened...

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