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Latest gojira News

Latest News

Fingers crossed, Download Fest 2021 is scheduled to go down June 4-6, 2021 in Donnington, UK. The festival announced the majority of their lineup...

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Acid Bath, Wormrot, Five Finger Death Punch, Necrophagist, Queens of the Stone Age, etc.

Latest gojira Music Videos

Music Videos

"Here's a studio version of a drum solo I created for GOJIRA's 2019 summer tour."

Music Videos

It's the dude who did the Morbid Angel cover.

Music Videos

Coming soon to your nearest coffee house!

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Latest gojira Reviews


At this point in music history, the Frenchmen of Gojira have cemented themselves as one of the paramount metal bands of this generation. Though the band's...


If you've been fortunate enough to see Gojira live, then you may already understand the intensity of watching one of the greatest live performances...


Stream the album in full at themusic.com.au If you had asked me several years ago if I ever thought a band like France’s Gojira...


Wednesday night, for the first time in my life, I shot a show where I was scared shit out of my pants while standing...

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Latest gojira Live Footage

Live Footage

It's a drum solo inspired by New York City.

Live Footage

Gojira drummer Mario Duplantier has been hitting the studio recently to track some new drum compositions. Duplantier first unveiled the studio version of his...

Live Footage

It's an hour and sixteen minutes of kickass live footage.

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