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demons and wizards
Photo: Dirk Behlau

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DEMONS & WIZARDS (ICED EARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN) Releases First Song Since 2005 "Diabolic"

Demons & Wizards, the band featuring Iced Earth vocalist and guitarist Jon Schaffer alongside Blind Guardian vocalist Hansi Kürsch, will release their first new album in 15 years titled III on February 21. You can finally hear what the band has been up to all this time via their epic new single and album opener "Diabolic."

Kürsch: "'Diabolic' for sure is a musical statement and its message is very clear and precise: we take no prisoners! We had a hard time figuring out a proper opener to III, but when 'Diabolic' took shape, we realized it was the perfect introduction to the album."

Schaffer: "This song is a sequel to 'Heaven Denies' and it is dark, heavy, vicious, melodic, and totally atmospheric, everything I love about songwriting and making records in eight minutes. 'Diabolic' has the right attitude to make a strong statement as the first song that people will hear after 15 years."

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"After these shows we're going to play within this year, we keep our focus on regular songwriting"