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Taiwanese symphonic metallers Chthonic played Megaport Festival in front of twenty thousand people last month. Megaport, which had 90 000 attendees total, marks the...

Bummer Alert

Freddy Lim announced that Chthonic will not be touring while he is an elected official in Taiwan. "It seems not," said Lim when asked...


Fronted by the world's most metal politician, Taiwanese genre-benders Chthonic return to the fray after five long years...

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Music Videos

In memory is a near-assassination of a pro-Democracy figure in Taiwan.

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Congratulations! If you are reading this, you survived this weekend's Supermoon invasion. It was a little touch-and-go, as we all know, and those we...


If you haven’t seen the new Chthonic video for “Supreme Pain for the Tyrant,” then immediately scroll to the bottom of this review and...

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Live Footage

Back in March, Taiwan carried out their massive Megaport Festival featuring more than 100 artists on 10 stages – headlined by the extreme symphonic...

Live Footage

Heads up, creepy white guys! Your favorite  trio of underage, manufactured "heavy metal" idol stars recently got the chance to meet Doris Yeh, the bassist...

Live Footage

We went from being confused to loving Baby Metal, and clearly Chtonic feel the same way about the young female pop-metal trio. Babymetal played...

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