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Watch CHTHONIC's First Post-Pandemic Concert with 90,000 Fans in Taiwan

Back in March, Taiwan carried out their massive Megaport Festival featuring more than 100 artists on 10 stages – headlined by the extreme symphonic metal band Chthonic – the first large-scale rock festival since the pandemic began. Chthonic recorded their performance for their upcoming live album, but the video is available today!

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“We are looking forward to making this performance as perfect and memorable as possible,” says Lim. “Since my focus at the moment remains on politics, I really wanted to participate in the very music festival that I founded. We have been fortunate to have just 1,000 COVID cases in Taiwan’s population of 23 million, with only 77 local cases and 10 COVID-related deaths. Because of Taiwan’s efficiency handling the pandemic, we are able to more move forward with this festival. Everyone is excited to perform live again, and our upcoming live album will reflect that excitement.”

After the announcement that Megaport Festival would occur, the 20,000 tickets sold out within five minutes. Watch Chthonic's full live set from this historic event.

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