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CHTHONIC Unleashes Cinematic New Song & Video "Millennia's Faith Undone"

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CHTHONIC Unleashes Cinematic New Song & Video "Millennia's Faith Undone"

Welcome back, Chthonic.

Chthonic hasn't released an album since Bu-Tik in 2013, though I'd imagine a lot of that delay had to do with frontman Freddy Lim being elected to political office in Taiwan in 2016. Sure, the band has released two EPs and a re-recordings album in 2014, but now they've announced a full-on, full-length studio album called Battlefields Of Asura for October 10.

You can check out the debut song and really well done music video "Millennia's Faith Undone" above. The song also features Hong Kong singer Denise Ho, and the whole track just has a really regal, epic feeling to it.

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