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CHTHONIC Frontman Freddy Lim Is Running For Congressman In Taiwan

Chthonic is also celebrating its birthday alongside this announcement.

Chthonic is also celebrating its birthday alongside this announcement.

This post has all types of crazy awesome information in it about Chthonic, so buckle up kids.

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First of all, the band's frontman Freddy Lim is running for congressman! That explains his overall professional look in the above picture. According to a press release, Lim is the first rock star in Eastern Asia to run for this particular political office. Lim will be running as a part of the NPP, a new pro-democracy Youth movement in Taiwan.

The band will be drumming up support for Lim with a concert at Liberty Square at Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall in Taipei on December 26. Not only is the band playing for support for Lim, but it's also their 20th anniversary and 70 years after World War II! So playing Liberty Square is just that much more special for the group.

How's that as an ending for 2016 for Chthonic? The band's singer might be a political leader and it gets to play its biggest outdoor concert to date. Nice! Best of luck, Freddy!

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