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CHTHONIC Streams First New Single In Five Years "Pattonkan"

Inspired by Taiwanese history.

Chthonic is back for the first time in five years with a new single "Pattonkan." The single comes alongside a music video directed by film director Hung Po-te, with lyrics inspired by vocalist Freddy Lim's time in Taiwan's Parliament.

"I feel anxious sometimes, there are so many things I want to do, but I feel I don't have sufficient time in my life to do everything," he said. "How would those who came before us think of us in Heaven if we don't move forward?"

Lim said he sat down with Mr. Kao Ying-chieh and heard the stories of living through Taiwan's White Terror authoritarian period Kao Yi-sheng. The story was one of how his father advocated for democracy and was eventually executed, and read the over 60 letters that Kao Yi-sheng sent to his family before he was executed.

"The very strong emotional bonds between Kao Yi-sheng and his wife, as well as with his children were an inspiration to me," Lim said. "As long as we don't give up, defend the people and land we love, and move as hard as we can, we're on the right track."

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Music Videos

In memory is a near-assassination of a pro-Democracy figure in Taiwan.