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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: Help Canada Celebrate A Zombie Queen With Two Exclusive Slams! (PARTY CANNON, CENOTAPH)

It's May Two-Four weekend! May 24th. The weekend we Canadians celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday (Queen of England from 1876-1901). It's kind of a big deal here, and is actually observed as a statutory holiday. Quite honestly, I'm not sure anyone here in Canada gives a shit about cutting cake in honour of a long-dead queen, apart from our ancient, slobbering, pablum-eating, nearly-mummified great-great-great grandparents.

For the rest of us canucks, May Two-four is the traditional weekend during which one opens the beautiful lake-side cottage, signifying the start of summer (and Blackfly season) in Canada. For those confused by the 'two-four' reference (rather than the correct spelling of 'twenty-fourth'), it's actually an inside joke refering to the obligatory case of 24 bottles of beer, or 'two-fours', which are an essential party supply.

Canadian or not, let's all ring in May Two-Four celebrations with a two-four of dank-as-hell slams! We've got two exclusive premieres for ya today. Let's do this, fuckers!

DANK SLAMS: Help Canada Celebrate A Zombie Queen With Two Exclusive Slams! (PARTY CANNON, CENOTAPH)


If there was one band us beaver-loving Northern folk want to help ring in May Two-Four, it's PARTY CANNON. Self-described as 'Party Slam', these legends take all the overtly serious, over-the-top themes often associated with slam and piss all over it. Sure, they might conjure images of confetti, birthday cake, and pastel colours, but the accompanying music is the ultimate antithesis of that party vibe.

Over the course of their seven-year slam pilgrimage, the guys in Party Cannon have delivered some serious cranial-crushing brutality, and they have done it again with their forthcoming EP, entitled Perverse Party Platter.

DANK SLAMS: Help Canada Celebrate A Zombie Queen With Two Exclusive Slams! (PARTY CANNON, CENOTAPH)

Bassist Chris Ryan gives us the low-down on the process…

"Tracking for the EP took place over three studios. The recording process was long and painful with many unexpected setbacks, such as not really knowing how to play the songs and Mike [McLaughlin – guitarist] throwing up after eating too many hotdogs. Despite all that, we feel we’ve achieved the perfect raw sound necessary for such heinous brutality.

We decided to release "Soft, White, Gelatinous Body" as the first single as it's a little different from our past singles, 80% of it slam riffs. Being a slam band who enjoy playing slam riffs, we felt it necessary to put every conceivable slam possible into this one song. The inspiration for the title came from our good friend Jonathan Neel [Parasitic Ejaculation], when a reviewer described him as being soft, white, and gelatinous."

Check out the exclusive stream of 'Soft, White, Gelatinous Body" below. The EP drops over at Gore House Productions on July 7th. In the meantime, and support the dudes by purchasing the single here.


DANK SLAMS: Help Canada Celebrate A Zombie Queen With Two Exclusive Slams! (PARTY CANNON, CENOTAPH)


It's not often we are presented with slams from bands that have been around for nearly thirty years. Like it or not, slam seems to have become the go-to choice of the new generation – the Hot Topic of brutal deathlings. Well, lets never forget where this shit came from.

To help us remember, we've got Turkish musical extremists CENOTAPH. Formed way back in '94, the guys have released a solid handful of brutal death metal classics, and they continue to kick shit old school with their latest effort, entitled Perverse Dehumanized Dysfunctions.

DANK SLAMS: Help Canada Celebrate A Zombie Queen With Two Exclusive Slams! (PARTY CANNON, CENOTAPH)

The guys had this to say…

"After the release of our 2010 album Putrescent Infectious Rabitidity, the latest lineup came together. We played many shows in our local scene and abroad at festivals. We also started writing the new album which took a lot of time and hard work.

We wanted this album to sound natural, and organic-yet-powerful – a change of pace from albums which consist of digital sounding guitars and drums. We decided to record the album at Moscow DTH Studios to get an unpolished, natural brutal death metal sound straight out of late 98 – 2000 golden age of brutal death metal."

We proudly present the first single, entitled  "Syndromes Of Deadly Endogenous Intoxication", once again made possible by our good friends over at Slam Worldwide!

Preorders are now available here.

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