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PARTY CANNON Parties With EXHUMED's Vocalist On "Nauseating And Unpalatable"

Yes, the band with the hilarious logo.

Party Cannon, the band with one of the best logos in all of metal, is back to party their fucking asses off with a new single called "Nauseating And Unpalatable." Better yet, they've brought Exhumed bassist and vocalist Ross Sewage to make sure that you party so hard that you die, are resurrected, and then killed again.

"Nauseating And Unpalatable" is off the coming Party Cannon album Volumes Of Vomit due out January 14.

"This album is nonsense" said bassist Clankenstein, "I didn't think music could be bad for your health but this is a legitimate danger to your safety".

"Many things tried to stop the Party – travel restrictions, illnesses, the roof of our practice space caving in – but we persevered, because you cannot stop the Party. The Party is unstoppable. A concerted effort was put into making the songs as unpredictable and over-the-top as possible while retaining the memorable and catchy moments we're known for – listeners will be able to hear our love for bands like Devourment, Gorgasm, Dying Fetus, Exhumed and Disgorge. This is definitely our most IQ pummelling and raging release yet – more slams, more blasts, more gutturals, less mercy."

Volumes Of Vomit also features guest appearances from Don Campan (Waking The Cadaver) And Andrew Lomastro (Cerebral Incubation), and is available for pre-order here (and pre-save here).

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