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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: The State Of Slam – A Legend Speaks! (7 H.Target, ByoNoiseGenerator, Crepitation, Logistic Slaughter, Party Cannon)

See, there is this guy we know. This dude… man… he knows his shit! Having literally helped in the forging of alien/space-drenched slam (with his former band CUFF – previously covered on Dank here and here), this mthrfkr comes armed to the tits with the knowledge of the slam gods. I mean, with nearly thirty releases – across various projects – under his human skin-laced belt he has more than earned a key to Slamville, Iowa.

Dude's name is Bob Shaw. Bob loves his slam fam, but he also has a bit of a bone to pick with the current state of things. Listen to Bob. As we said before, Bob knows his shit.

… oh, and while we got your attention, be sure to check out Bob's current project, Brain Spasm, whose latest demo, Human Ooze, is a romp through Goregrind/BDM/Slam-infested septic pits. Anyway, hit this shit, Bob!


BOB: "Man, I hate to say it, but today's slam has become kinda stale. This practice of minimal riffs that all lead into one big grand slam – as well as slams that are slowed down to a snooze-inducing pace – are far too commonplace these days. That said, things aren't all bad, as there exists a handful of bands who are striving to keep slam unique and fun to listen to. Here are a few picks from my personal collection that I've been spinning the hell out of. Enjoy, fuckers!



7 H.TARGET – 0.00 APOCALYPSE (2014)

BOB: Hailing from Russia, 7 H Target are unique in so many ways. They combine experimental and heavy hitting riffs that – to some listeners – might sound like shit is all over the place. They may not be full-on slam, but they do have some elements of slam riffs that make whatever they are doing come together in a way that creates a very unique and refreshing sound.




BOB: Jazz-infused slam from Russia? Yep, you read that right. ByoNoiseGenerator are fast as fucking hell with their onslaught of ferocious riffing and percussive battery, which leads up to some very cool slow, experimental jazz parts that throws everything off. For whatever reason, these jazzy fits work incredibly well!




BOB: I've been listening to Crepitation for quite some time and I'm ALWAYS completely drawn in by the vocals. They use this killer technique called the 'Wobble Box'. With the combination of the music and dual vocals, these guys slam you hard – driving one close to the brink of insanity.


Logistic Slaughter


BOB: So, I've seen these Logistic Slaughter about three times now south of the border (USA), and every single time they absolutely blew me away. The vocal attack – along with the pounding, driving, heavy-as-shit riffs – and the addition of some slappa-da-bass makes everything come together perfectly.


Party Cannon


BOB: Party Slam. Enough said.


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