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Dank Slams

DANK SLAMS: Colombian Brutalizers AMPUTATED GENITALS Sever Cheeto-Encrusted Members With Brand New Single "Condemnation And Atrocious Embodiment Of Vile"

Funny that the following song came across my skank-strewn desk when it did. I mean, I'm not sure there exists a more fitting soundtrack to being lost at sea – only to find shore – and then quickly realize that said shore is teeming with genital-roasting/devouring cannibals.

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Back to my first point: the song that is about to rape your disgusting, puss-filled ears happens to be the perfect soundscape to the survival-horror game, The Forest. Those that have played this incredible game know of what I speak. If you have yet to experience it, seek the game out. You shan't be disappointed.

Which brings us to the reason we have all gathered here today… the stanky dank! Today's dankness comes by way of Colombian Brutal Death Metallers, Amputated Genitals. The song, entitled "Condemnation And Atrocious Embodiment Of Vile", is culled from the band's forthcoming album, Origin Of Murder, set to drop on May 23rd via Sevared Records/Gore and Blood Productions.

Now, to paint you all a cinematic picture of the song, and how it befits the above-mentioned video-game, the following is a snippet of lyrics…

A ship approaches the shoreline
To watch all that we have spoil and fade away
Surrendering all decency dismayed as a predatory foe descends
Ambition and greed paint the surface with a blood red thirst and lust for gold
The price for blood

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So, if you fancy yourself some slams on par with bands such as Abominable Putridity, Devourment, and Cephalotripsy, click the streaming link below while furiously smashing that deformed piece of grandma-bangin meat between your beefy, sore-littered legs.

Thanks, once again, to our friends over at Slam Worldwide!

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