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DANK SLAMS: Beaver Slammin And Moose Knucklin With CUFF And CORPROPHEMIA

Posted by on August 4, 2016 at 4:44 pm

The Great White North. A vast land where beavers, moose, and man gather over a breakfast of peameal bacon and maple syrup slathered pancakes. In addition to all the snow and politeness, Canada is also a kingdom of brutal slammin death metal. Perhaps not quite as regarded as the stinking piles of rhythmic feculence continually squeezed outta the eastern bloc, but definitely just as relevant. If anything, Canada can certainly lay claim to the origins/foundations of extreme metal, which would, without question, go on to inform the entirety of slam. Without bands such as Cryptopsy and Gorguts, well, we might just be living in a slam-less world… how utterly boring would that be? Anyway, for our third installment of this slamtastic column, we have two of Canada's best – Cuff and Corprophemia. Both have graced us with brand new tracks, streaming exclusively here on Dank Slams!



If you are unfamiliar with Oshawa, Ontario's Cuff you've obviously just returned from a rather lengthy alien abduction (might wanna get your asshole stitched up… those probes were huge and aplenty). For those of you who have been paying attention, you'd know that Cuff called it a day recently. With just over ten years – and thirty releases – under their slam-worn belts, these guys were more productive than my grandpa's prune-fueled bowels. Prior to exiting stage left, the duo recorded six new tracks to be divided equally between two split albums. So, before the guys head off in different and exciting directions with their very own projects (Brain Spasm and Virulent Gestation), let's take a moment of slamlence for the mighty Cuff and their swansong, entitled "Cosmogenic Disintigration", to be released on the Bursting With Larvae: A North American Drum Machine Assault.



Slam isn't as easily categorized as a hater or layman might think. It can take many forms, which includes slamming brutal death metal, slamming brutal deathcore, slamming beatdown/hardcore, and slamming technical death. The latter can be a little trickier to discern when it comes to the slams. Windsor, Ontario four-piece, Corprophemia is a band that falls into that category. Their very own brutal blend of slam and tech has even caught the attention of Black Dahlia Murders Trevor Strnad, praising the band's last studio effort, Abhorrogenesis, in his very own Metal Injection column, The Obituarist. While we all await the follow-up to said album, feast your ears on the brand new track "Internal Mass Singularity", to be released in August as part of CDN Records' Quinte Essentials OF Brutality Vol. 1

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