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ONI Explores New Vocal Styles With "Heart Of Stone"

"This is one I can’t wait to sing live,” says Jake Oni

A new single from progressive metalcore band Oni has dropped in the form of "Heart to Stone," a track the band's creative force Jake Oni had this to say about:

"'Heart To Stone' shows a different side of me and is a song that really set me in a new direction for what Oni could be. I love being able to straddle the line of heavy and clean vocals. This is one I can't wait to sing live."

With a new album, Loathing Light, set for release on June 17 from Ironshore Records, Oni looks poised to take another excellent step forward on an already very well-defined musical journey. Earlier this month, Oni was featured in Gimme Metal's Top Tracks of the Week with "Secrets"—"a slap war of brutalism and melodicism" that also features Randy Blythe and Iggy Pop. It's a heavy track from a heady trio, indeed. Oni said this about working with the proto-punk godfather:

"Iggy's vocals are so iconic and instantly recognizable, his style is what we were after…. He came down, we had some food and just chilled. And then he did his thing all over the song. He asked me for ideas about how to approach it, which was just crazy and cool. It all worked so well and came out sick."

Pop's spot on the track is reminiscent of his guest vocal on White Zombie's "Black Sunshine," where again the global punk icon plays the role of the ominous preacher-grim reaper hybrid, whispering sweet condemnations like we're on our knees begging for them.

Oni began the year with the Mark Morton (Lamb of God)-produced track, “The Lie,” which also featured additional production from notable producer Josh Wilbur who has worked previously with Megadeth, Trivium, and Gojira. Jake Oni's vocal on that track is eerily reminiscent of the great Burton C. Bell in his youth, but then again, many things remind me of the mighty Fear Factory.

You can pre-order/pre-save Loathing Light here.

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