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Fear Factory

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New Music

After all the waiting and all the mystery surrounding whether they were a band anymore, Fear Factory is finally back with a new single...


The Fear Factory drama continues. Yesterday, former vocalist Burton C. Bell made headlines for claiming the only reason he got back together with Dino...

Shocking Revelations

As Fear Factory gear up to move on with a new vocalist and new album, founding vocalist Burton C. Bell offered some interesting nuggets...

Latest Fear Factory Music Videos

Music Videos

In honor of the deaths of Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others.

Music Videos

Power ballads are rare in heavy metal but Fear Factory are going for it with their apocalyptic video for "Expiration Date" off their recent...

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Latest Fear Factory Reviews


Finally: a Fear Factory record that can be regarded without the context of high drama hanging over its release. Burton C. Bell and Dino...

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Latest Fear Factory Live Footage

Live Footage

Jamey Jasta is touring Europe with his solo project Jasta and on August 9 at the Brutal Assault festival in Jaromer, Czech Republic, Jasta...

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