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Latest Trivium News

Metal In The Mainstream

"Oh my god! Shout out to everybody else that got their fuckin’ face melted a second ago!"

Tour Dates

Trivium are offering another edition of their popular, free livestreaming event, The Deepest Cuts II on October 24 at 3 p.m. ET / 12...

New Music

"I consider Vikings a very 'metal' show with its thematics being something many heavy bands want to write about."

Latest Trivium Music Videos

Music Videos

In memory is a near-assassination of a pro-Democracy figure in Taiwan.

Music Videos

Trivium have released their second new single, the title track from their next album, What The Dead Men Say. The video was filmed in the...

Music Videos

Today, we get our first taste of what the next Trivium album will sound like. The band unveiled their new single, "Catastrophist." It is...

Music Videos

Hey, have you ever checked out Cabal? Well here's the perfect reason to! Now only is their new song "Bitter Friend" extremely heavy, but...

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Latest Trivium Reviews

Latest News

While in the process of reviewing this album, I had a bit of a debate with a good friend of mine about Trivium. He...


By Ben Apatoff The God of War III soundtrack is a Roadrunner showcase featuring six new songs from some of the label's biggest names...

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Latest Trivium Live Footage

Live Footage

Over 30 minutes of rare Trivium material!

Live Footage

Where they played all the songs you never get to hear.

Live Footage

With the Metal Tour of the Year delayed until next year, Megadeth, Lamb of God, Trivium and In Flames instead teamed up to stream a killer event...

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