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Weekly Injection

Plus releases from Arjen Lucassen's Supersonic Revolution, Botanist, Frozen Soul, The Ocean, Rig of Gyges, and Thulcandra


"While Holocene doesn't definitively best that prior duo, it certainly matches them."

Upcoming Releases

An appendix of Phanerozoic II.

Latest THE OCEAN Music Videos

Music Videos

Modern society and The Ocean don't go hand in hand.

Music Videos

The Ocean performed both their Phanerozoic I and Phanerozoic II albums in full across two livestream events in 2020. Phanerozoic I was performed at...

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Latest THE OCEAN Reviews


The second half of The Ocean's Phanerozoic dualogy uses kaleidoscopic heaviness to relate the human condition to a 541-million-year cosmic tragedy.


I'm thinking that this will be my last Weekly Injection for the year. This time of year is nothing but stuff being put out...

Quick Bits

Greetings once again all you metal nerds. This was a rough week. Rough in a sense that there was almost too much good stuff...

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Latest THE OCEAN Live Footage

Live Footage

Featured on the Phanerozoic Live album.

Live Footage

The Ocean performs with Jonas Renske of Katatonia on the debut edition of Slay at Home's monthly concert series powered by eOneHeavy. Watch the entire...

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