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The Ocean 2023 New
Photo by Jaqueline Vanek

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THE OCEAN Fights The Aging Process In New Single "Parabiosis"

Modern society and The Ocean don't go hand in hand.

The Ocean will release their new record, and closer to their paleontology-inspired album series, Holocene on May 19. The Ocean is now streaming the new single "Parabiosis" featuring a music video showcasing the band as a bunch of older gentlemen.

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"['Parabiosis' is] about stem cell research and the cosmetics industry's war against aging and our society's quest for rejuvenation elixirs, plastic surgery etc, which leads to the question of— how far can and shall we go regarding bio-engineering and medicinal progress?" said The Ocean of the single.

"The cult of eternal youth has lead to death being hidden from our everyday lives. You literally see no old people in our modern inner cities anymore, everyone is young and healthy and the sick and dying are locked away in clinics and retirement homes where they won't remind the general public of the fact that we are all going to die one day, which keeps us stuck on a hamster wheel of spending the time of our lives working jobs we hate to afford things we don’t need…"

Pre-orders for Holocene are available here.

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