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Plus Ihsahn, Mono, Steve Von Till, and way more.

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Pelagic Records has announced a massive 9xLP/5xCD box set for Lustmord's 2008 album Other. The set features Other, the remix albums The Dark Places Of Earth and Beyond, and a covers album called The Others featuring Enslaved, The Ocean, and much more. If you're not into the box set, you can grab The Others as its own separate thing. The Others runs as follows.

  1. Enslaved – "Eon"
  2. Mono – "Er Eb Os"
  3. Ihsahn – "Dark Awakening"
  4. Jo Quail – "Prime"
  5. Bohren & Der Club Of Gore – "Plateau"
  6. Hackedpicciotto – "Trinity Past"
  7. Ulver – "Godeater"
  8. Jonas Renkse – "Er Eb Os"
  9. Zola Jesus – "Prime"
  10. Spotlights – "Of Eons"
  11. The Ocean – "Primal [State Of Being]"
  12. Crown – "Element"
  13. Jaye Jayle – "Er Eb Es"
  14. Godflesh – "Ashen"
  15. Steve Von Till – "Testament"
  16. Årabrot – "The Last Days [See The Light]"

Check out the Godflesh cover below and grab the full box set here (and here in the US), or just The Others here on Bandcamp. For those unaware, the original 2008 album Other featured guest appearances from Adam Jones (Tool), King Buzzo (Melvins), Aaron Turner (Sumac, Old Man Gloom), and Paul Haslinger (ex-Tangerine Dream).

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