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black metal

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Welcome to Hell will be available digitally and streaming exclusively on Screambox starting July 12.

Metal Merch

As black metal culture slowly seeps its way into everyday society, its natural that skin care gets a black metal makeover. Enter Finnish brand...

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br00tal Comedy

Step one- record a cassette. Step two- kill yourself.

Music Videos

It's like Mysticum knew we're celebrating Black Metal History Month, so they decided to release this crushing new music video. Their new album Planet...

Music Videos

From Endstille's forthcoming album, Kapitulation 2013, out November 8th on Season of Mist.

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If you think castles, ghosts, vampires, and candelabras are rad, then you'll dig this album. If not, well ... nobody's perfect.


The Portland, Maine band delivers a strong effort on their new album.


For listeners looking for raw, melodic and imaginative black metal, Obsequiae's new album nothing short of a sublime sonic experience.

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