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The Trailer For This Argentinian Heavy Metal Horror Film Is Gnarly

Welcome to Hell will be available digitally and streaming exclusively on Screambox starting July 12.

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Heavy metal and horror are kindred arts, which is why we’re so excited for Welcome to Hell, a horror movie from Argentina directed by Jimena Monteoliva (To Kill The Dragon, Clementina).

Welcome to Hell chronicles the story of Lucia, a pregnant woman on the run from the child’s father, an alleged leader of a Satanic cult and a member of a black metal band. Lucia flees to a remote cabin with her grandmother to find safety. But in those fleeting moments of reprieve, Lucia remains tormented by the evil memories of her past and the absolute understanding that her unborn child’s father will never cease in his search for them.

In what is one gnarly trailer, you can catch a preview of what is surely going to be one seriously slashing thrill ride through what very truly looks like hell on Earth for young Lucia and her soon to be infant.

Welcome to Hell is the fourth feature film from Jimena Monteoliva, whose films are renown in Argentina for focusing on female characters fighting back against horrific and supernatural forces. Her first film, All Night Long, which she co-directed with fellow Argentine director Tamae Garateguy, follows the tale of a young couple at an erotic gathering where all of their friends are being mysteriously murdered, yet the pair—intoxicated beyond belief—cannot deduce who the killer is, as what is reality and what is not becomes blurred in a sultry, supernatural stoner haze. You can check out the trailer for All Night Long—which is equally as horrifying and terrifying as Welcome to Hellhere. There’s even a psycho-sexy scene where it rains blood, which you've just got to see to believe.

Welcome to Hell will be available digitally and will also be streaming exclusively on Screambox, an on demand streaming service that specializes in horror films (much like Shudder does) beginning July 12.

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