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Drew's Quarantine Playlist is Shades of Red, Black, and Doom

Drew's playlist offers a firestorm of death, black, and doom metal, because true hope and comfort only comes after catharisis.


There's a strange duality to what we're all going through right now. On one hand, many of us are stuck in a terrifyingly quiet mode of stasis, stuck at home waiting out the storm. And yet there is also the storm itself, sweeping up the less fortunate among us: the sick, the caretakers, and those essential workers who must report to their posts. There's an eerie quiet, contrasted with a horrendous quake of action.

Perhaps my addressing this is my way of justifying the makeup of my playlist: blistering and heretical death metal, dark and raw black metal, and the most crushing forms of doom. Perhaps some metalcore here, a bit of straightforward rock there. I put the R.E.M. song at the end because it offers a bit of hope. And because it's a great song from their best era.

I didn't put this list together with the pandemic in mind at all. It's just a collection of what I've been into lately anyway. Sure, you may want comfort right now, but the most sublime comfort is in catharsis. Plenty of that to be found here.

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