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Some Fans Are Not Happy With MUNICIPAL WASTE's DONALD TRUMP-Inspired Shirt

Some people do not find the joke funny.

Some people do not find the joke funny.

The political climate in heavy metal is heating up. Just yesterday, we shared a new All Shall Perish t-shirt which featured a doob-smoking Bernie Sanders in a tank about to run over Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson… all potential presidential running mates.

Today, Municipal Waste released a political shirt of their own, that is already stirring up a lot of controversy. The band is now selling the above "The Only Walls We Build Are Walls of Death" shirt and in posting it onto their Facebook page, have gotten some blowback from some of their more right-leaning fans (or perhaps former fans):

municipal trump 1 municipal trump 2 municipal trump 3 municipal trump 4 municipal trump 5 municipal trump 6 municipal trump 7 municipal trump 8 municipal trump 9

To be fair, the majority of the comments on the post are positive, and these are some of the few-and-far-between negative posts, which have spurred a lot of discussion on the post.

Municipal Waste is not the first band to blast Trump in public. Lamb of God's Randy Blythe is vehemently anti-Trump, so is Slipknot's Corey Taylor. Korn's Jonathan Davis thinks all the nominees suck. Meanwhile, it seems like Ghost has endorsed Bernie Sanders, as has Anthrax's Scott Ian.

We've only got 11 months more of this to go! USA! USA! USA!

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