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"Hey, if Donald Trump can run for president, anybody can run for president."

"Hey, if Donald Trump can run for president, anybody can run for president."

With 2016 quickly approaching, the political discourse in this country is reaching a very aggressive fever pitch. Naturally, metal musicians are being asked their opinions on the politicians in the U.S. Presidental race. Ghost has endorsed Bernie Sanders, while Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory is backing Trump. On the other side of the coin, Trump was lambasted by both Lamb of God's Randy Blythe and Slipknot's Corey Taylor.

Now, Scott Ian is making his political opinions known. In a new interview with Stay Tuned Interviews, Ian shared his thoughts on Trump:

"I look at it this way: if Donald Trump was to become president, then America would actually get what it deserves. It truly would."

He continued: "The only thing I can say positive about that fucking circus is he really is showing what a circus it is. He's really showing how full of shit the whole process really is."

"I don't think he will win. I don't even think he'll become the Republican candidate, because I think the Republicans are having a very hard time with him; they hate him too. And he's really making a mockery of the whole system, which I really enjoy. And I think it would be great if, at the end of this whole thing, he actually came out and said, 'You see, this was my whole point: to show everybody how stupid this whole system really is.' Because America does need… This whole party system is… it's fucking done. The Republicans are in the pocket of the hardcore right wing, Christian right, and that's it. Every soundbite by a Republican is just something that the Christian right wants to hear, and you can't win on that. But they also can't run unless they do that. There needs to be a third party now that has, let's say, more centrist values, or what the Republicans used to be — the moderate Republicans from the '70s and '80s — which actually made sense."

"The whole thing is insane, and I can't say I'm worried, because it's… Really, no matter who wins, nothing's gonna change anyway — whether it's Hillary Clinton or it's…I don't even know who the best candidate is for the Republicans; they're a bunch of fucking monkeys, as far as I'm concerned."

So who does Ian back? Ian has his money on Bernie Sanders, but thinks his chances of winning are slim:

"Nothing's gonna change regardless," he said. "Nothing will change. It doesn't matter who's there; nothing will change. The only one that has the balls to actually say anything is Bernie Sanders, and he's actually got the balls to call out the NRA, and he's got the balls to call out the corporations, and he's got the balls to call these things out. That's why he will never win. So I will vote for him — that's who I will vote for — because he's the only one that will actually point out things that are wrong in America and he's not bowing to the corporate fucking dollar or the NRA stronghold that America has become. So I will vote for Bernie Sanders. It's throwing my vote away, I guess, but at least in my heart I knew I voted for somebody that had the balls to say something different than the corporate line that even Hillary Clinton is a part of."

Ian thinks he would make a good politician himself one day:

I put myself out there, but nobody took me seriously. I think I'd make a good running mate. I could be a good vice president. I would pass all the tests, I think. I've never done drugs. I mean, just like Bill Clinton, I smoked weed a few times, but I'm allergic to it, so I can't smoke it anymore. For real, I am.

"I think I'd make a great vice president," he continued. "I'd bring in a whole new audience and voting demographic."

"Hey, if Donald Trump can run for president, anybody can run for president."

God bless America.

[via Blabbermouth]

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