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Corey Taylor "Can't Believe" Trump Is a Presidential Candidate, Contemplates Moving Out Of U.S.

Corey Taylor is over it!

Corey Taylor is over it!

It seems as though a lot of metalheads have an opinion on the Presidental race as of late. Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory endorsed Donald Trump for president earlier this week, meanwhile a few weeks ago, Lamb of God's Randy Blythe blasted Trump saying he doesn't care about the common man.

Just today, a new interview has surfaced with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor, who was out promoting his book, You're Making Me Hate You, Taylor was asked about climate change and the topic soon changed to Trump:

"Everybody's B.S.ed themselves into thinking that, 'Oh, the worst of it's in the future.' No, we're living it. You know, like… Oh, God, it sucks… The fact that Donald Trump is a real candidate for the presidency of the United States of fucking America… Are you kidding me? Okay. At this point, let's just nominate Emo Philips too. Philips / Pauly Shore…. 2020."

An Emo Phillips reference in 2015? Now I've seen everything! Taylor went on to say that he's so disgusted with the country, that he is truly taking the saying Love It or Leave It to heart and is considering moving, possibly to an island:

"It ain't the direction I'm moving. I'm emigrating." Asked where he will go, the singer said: "I don't know… I'll figure it out. England's too expensive. That was my first thought. 'Cause I've actually priced out real estate there. England's way too expensive. So I might end up in Guam or something. I'll just build a hut. Belize. There are tons of islands in Belize that you can buy. I actually looked this up, because, for, like, five seconds, I was, like, 'I'm gonna buy an island. Screw these people.' And there are Caribbean islands for sale [via a dedicated web site]. I don't even know if this still exists anymore, but I could have bought a half-natural for, like, five hundred thousand U.S. dollars, by the way. Unfortunately, I would have had to build a hut there, because there was nothing there."

Must be nice to be able to afford an island.

[Lazer 103 via Blabbermouth]

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