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GHOST Endorse Bernie Sanders Over Donald Trump

Who knew Ghost were democratic socialists?

Who knew Ghost were democratic socialists?

The rock world's youngest reporter, 11-year-old Elliot Fullam of Little Punk People, recently had a chance to interview A Nameless Ghoul from Ghost (who sounded a lot like the Nameless Ghoul we got to interview a few weeks ago) and he asked the hard questions… like if the ghoul preferred cats or Satan and time traveling to the 60s. One question that caught our ear is when Elliot asked the Ghoul, who as far as we know is not at all American, if he preferred Republican candidate Donald Trump or Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders in the upcoming United States presidential election. The ghoul took a second to think about it and offered a soft endorsement of Sanders:

You know it’s always a little complicated with politics. With this particular question, just because it’s so specific, and because you’ve got something that’s so black on one side and one that it’s not entirely black on the other side… black as in dark obviously, from the utter perimeter of the darkest part of the universe. I would say Bernie [Sanders]. But that is without really knowing exactly what he is about. I just like his eyes better. I just think that he feels like a better leader but that is without really knowing.

If you are reading this, nameless ghoul, you can see all of Bernie's stances on the issues here. Bernie is a man of the people, much like Papa Emeritus III.

So far, we have Ghost endorsing Sanders, Five Finger Death Punch endorsing Trump and Lamb of God's Randy Blythe and Slipknot's Corey Taylor denouncing Trump. The political race is heating up.

Watch the entire adorable interview below. The political talk happens at around 8:30.

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