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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH Guitarist Endorses Donald Trump For President

Posted by on September 15, 2015 at 1:11 pm

The Presidental election in the United States is still about fourteen months away and yet the campaign trail is on fire. On the Republican side, the clear cut leader happens to be Donald Trump. We've already heard what one metalhead musician thinks of Trump. When Randy Blythe was asked his thoughts on the potential Republican nominee, Blythe said "He does not give a fuck about you; he gives a fuck about protecting big business and the lobbies. You know what I mean? So fuck that guy, and fuck his hair. He has no need to be the president of the United States. Just ’cause you’re rich doesn’t mean you should be president of the United States."

Now another metal musician is coming out with his own comments in support of Trump. Outspoken Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory, who grew up in Hungary and then immigrated to America, wrote the following tweets a few days ago:

For a guy who shoots straight, there are sure a lot of articles about how much Donald Trump lies. But hey, I can understand how the guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, who primarily appeal to the "red states" would come out in support of the guy leading the pack for the Republicans. Congrats on the new endorsement, Donald!

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