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Abbath Doom Occulta is Immortal. Demonaz Doom Occulta is Immortal. Norwegian black metal is Immortal. Abbath and Demonaz, whose real names are Olve Eikemo and Harald Nævdal respectively, co-founded Immortal in the autumn of 1990. Immortal would become...


Half the setlist was stuff they haven't played in about a decade.


Thanksgiving is the perfect time to start a gratitude journal in order to express your appreciation for all the bands that are currently working...


Define prolific? Fenriz. Define magnetic? Fenriz. Define genius? Gylve Fenris Nagell, who was born Leif Gylve Nagell, is the answer to everything. Fenriz first let...


Didn’t think prog-rock godfathers King Crimson could get heavy? Think again...


For some reason, there is an apprehension by metalheads to get into Rush. Some are (understandably) turned away by Geddy Lee’s zany, high-pitched vocals....

Shocking Revelations

The venue cites "circumstances beyond their control."

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This feels oddly appropriate, given the times.


Join us as we scour the grounds of Korn’s dark labyrinth for some hidden treasures...


We shine the spotlight on some underappreciated gems from one of metal’s most uncompromising bands.


Black Sheep Wall has evolved their sound, but not at the cost of ultra-heavy savagery to pile drive listeners into the center of the...

Music Videos

Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith and Richie Kotzen, of the rock supergroup The Winery Dogs, have just released their second, bluesy gem "Scars." Working under...

Shocking Revelations

"Well, if you listen to their songs, it's not three chords, it's more than that."

Live Footage

Last night, October 24, 2020 – Alexi Laiho's new project, Bodom After Midnight, played its second concert ever at Tavastia in Helsinki, Finland. Fan-filmed...


AC/DC is one of those bands who has been accused of writing songs that all sound the same. Contrary to popular belief, this is...

In The Studio

"While we have started to write, we are not living in very inspiring times."

New Music

His new solo material is finally hear!