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Wordle Spin-Off Tests Your Metal Knowledge With Snippets Of Songs

Do you even know who Rotting Christ is, bro? Let me see your metal face.


What's better than the emoji of a kid wearing a Winger t-shirt? Ok, so that doesn't exist, but man, I wish one did. Still, if you need yet another divisive tool to systematically turn your musical community into one of those pod farms in The Matrix, we've got just the thing for you: a heavy metal version of Heardle, an audio spin-off of the ridiculously popular online game Wordle.

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Now, if you don't know how Wordle works let alone Heardle, we've got you covered. It goes a little something like this:

In Wordle, you choose a set of letters, and then are given clues based on the letters you choose. If a letter turns green, that indicates the letter has been placed accurately to decipher the secret word. If the letter turns orange, that means the letter is out of place, and grey indicates the letter isn't in the secret word at all. Heardle uses a similar base concept: the player needs to name a song being played, and they are given six opportunities to do so while listening to snippets lasting a second and a half long.

Yeah — heavy metal Heardle sounds an awful lot like the old game show, Name That Tune. In that context, I imagine that heavy metal Heardle would go like this:

"I can name that Cannibal Corpse song in four notes!"

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"Well, I can name that Cannibal Corpse song in two notes!"

Nonetheless, you can start making your friends eat the pavement with your infinite metal knowledge now at the Metal Heardle website.

Now, about that emoji of the kid in a Winger t-shirt….

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